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danchousexual asked: I heard about Kris' lawsuit but what happened with Baekhyun and Jessica?


Oh little love, you’re in for a world of pain known as SM being idiotic. 


Jessica posted on her Weibo that she was getting kicked out of Girls Generation. It hasn’t been confirmed by SM and some are speculating that her account was hacked. She also was not at the airport with the other members after her post on Weibo. Either was we’ll just have to wait it out. If it is true then It’s unfortunate and hopefully she’ll be picked up by another company (if she wants to continue kpop) but remain calm and wait for SM to confirm it. I’ll give you a few articles about Jessica but there’s not a ton of information out yet. 


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Pretty sure that when people talk about Baekhyun scandal they’re talking about him dating Taeyeon. I know some of the fans reacted badly about it but I couldn’t think of anything that would bring it back up. So I did some digging for you and I found really only one article that puts all the fan stuff in one place. Here. I also remember that a lot of people thought that Baek and Tae weren’t actually dating, and that SM was forcing them to act that way so people would talk about something other that Kris leaving (since the dating rumors came out not long after Kris left EXO) but honestly honey, who knows with SM. Once again, this is an old scandal as far as I can tell, if anyone has any new information you’re welcome to send it to me so I can brush up on it.